Shining Star Group


A large-scale transnational industrialized group

Since its establishment in 1993, Shining Star has made unremitting efforts for more than 20 years. The company now has more than 10 subsidiaries, and over 4,600 employees, nearly 1.67 billion dollars of total assets. The company is a large-scale, transnational and industry-based group engaging in multiple sectors and fields such as capital investment, cultural tourism, commerce, hotel industry, education, medical treatment, sports, real estate, and property management.

Based in Hong Kong and Kunming, the company has significant operations in Shenyang of Liaoning Province, Qingdao of Shandong Province, Tianjin Municipality, Kunming, Dali and Songming of Yunnan Province, Hong Kong as well as Southeast Asian countries, including Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.  

Throughout the years, the group has formed its core competitiveness of “one body with multiple wings” which has compounded urban real estate development playing the leading role and takes comprehensive urbanization as the development orientation. It also has a specialized, efficient and responsive management team, and trying to become a comprehensive urbanization operator devoting itself to shaping a model of quality life and creating a harmonious, livable and cultural environment.  

Through more than 20 years of exploration and practice, it has achieved the successful transformation from a real estate developer to a multiple role covering urbanization industry operation, capital investment, cultural tourism, high-level education and medical service, commerce, and property management. More importantly, the group already has comprehensive operation capability of project operation, planning, product design and integration of business types.

The group has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “satisfying both the governments and the public and promoting the growth of both the enterprise and employees” and constantly improved its quality and reputation. On the basis of successful cooperation with Hutchison Whampoa in completing construction projects of Pacific Center and Brewery building in Qingdao of Shandong Province and Times Square in Liaoning of Shenyang Province. It has successfully completed development and construction of real estate projects including Shining Star Digital Building, California Maple Townhouse, Norwegian Forest Ecological Residential Community, Meishu Orange Residential Western-style House, Meishu Xingcheng Fashion White-collar Apartment, Dali "Zhonghefang" Courtyard-type Villa, Kunming New Asia Athletics Park, Tianjin Shining Star The World, Songming Shining Star The Aqua and Dali Jiayi. Now, several overseas projects including Kantharyar Centre in Yangon of Myanmar are under development and construction. 

According to group's development demand, Mr. Yan Yu restructured and enhanced existing resources within the company in 2014. While keeping the exploration on domestic industrial investment, he established Li Heng Investment Co., Ltd. to increase and accelerate overseas' industrial investment, covering tourism, hotel, service, tele-communication and manufacture industry. Meanwhile, he sets up Dian Merchant Group that focusing on venture investment and equity investment among Southeast Asian countries. Gathering capital power and actively responds to the call of “the Belt and Road” Initiative, Shining Star will continue its glory in new opportunities. 

“Cultivating and developing in a virtuous and ethical way, acquiring from and returning to the society”, is not only the responsibility of Shining Star Group but also the morality of Shining Star people. So far, the group has contributed more than 12 million dollars of funds and donations, invested nearly 160 million dollars in social public welfare facilities. In 2006, the group especially sets up Yunnan Glory Society Shining Star Foundation. Yan Yu, chairman of the group, has contributed 600 thousand dollars personally in building 18 Star Talk Glory Schools, making contributions to social harmonious development. 

Shining Star Group was awarded the title of “Chinese Urban Complex Operator” with 133 million dollars in the value assessment of the Top 10 brands in 2008, and ranked among top 100 real estate brands in China for several years. 

The group has successively won more than 400 honors including the title of “One of the 50 Most Competitive Asian Real Estate Brands in China”, “One of the Top 10 Asian Real Estate Brands”, “Human Settlement Award for Green Asia”, “Asia International Garden Community Paragon”, “Asia Best Garden-style Official Building ”, “Top 10 Commercial Street in Aisa”, “the Most Socially Responsible Enterprise in China”, the title of “National Exemplary Faculty’s Home”, and the “National Labor Award” by governments and authorities at international, national, provincial, municipal and district levels. 

Now, Shining Star is embracing globalization with its global vision, broad mind of harmonious co-existence, responsibility of developing enterprise by great virtue and spirit of pursuing excellence. On the new journey of development, the group is playing a bright new chapter.

Three Pillars and Four Cultivation

Three Pillars:Business, culture and tourism section, mining section and capital investment; Four Cultivation:Medical and health care, automobile industry, agricultural industry and property management

Development History

  • 2015 03
    Burma star sky golf project officially started construction
  • 2014 10
    Vientiane, Laos's first urban complex "Vientiane days" project started
  • 2014 07
    With a registered capital of 50 million US dollars, the company has set up a "star Yao I-APEX Investment Co., Ltd." in Burma, and has developed the project of rebuilding the old city of Yangon and Yangon Jinshan project
  • 2014 04
    The establishment of the "Asia Burma Star Investment Limited", and "Burma United Asia development limited liability company" joint development "Kantaya center" project
  • 2014 03
    Relying on the Hongkong trading platform, the establishment of overseas investment company, "star Yiu International Group Limited.""
  • 2009 08
    Start super large international vacation and business manor project: Star glory Water Village
  • 2009
    Investment and development in central Kunming "Star Island Shopping Plaza?"
  • 2009 06
    Star world is on sale
  • 2009 03
    Changfeng project foundation laying
  • 2007 10
    Take the 6 billion 290 million (1 billion 7 million U. S. dollars) target of the Tianjin Jinnan Lake Jia Lake project, with a total land area of 2 million 730 thousand square meters (29 million 385 thousand and 500 square feet)
  • 2007 05
    In the new Asian Sports City, the Seventh National Paralympic Games were successfully held
  • 2006
    Successively set up business, sports, education, medical treatment and hotel and so on many subsidiary companies, entered the multi industry development stage
  • 2005 01
    Investment of 12 billion 200 million ($2 billion) of the new Asian sports city officially started construction
  • 2003 09
    Kunming Star Sports City Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 2002 2007
    Two projects, ecological forest residential area and the successful development of ecological residential area
  • 2000
    California Fengjing townhouse residential district is developed successfully, and won a number of awards
  • 1998 06
    Construction site of the 26 thousand square metre (280 thousand square foot) star Yiu tower
  • 1998 05
    Kunming Xing Yao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 1997 04
    Kunming star Yiu new technology decoration supporting the development of the company changed its name to Kunming star Yao Trading Company
  • 1993 12
    Yunnan star Yao (Hongkong) decorative design Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 1993 02
    Group predecessor Kunming star Yiu new technology decoration supporting the development of the company


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