Shining Star Group


A large-scale transnational industrialized group

Star Yiu group was founded in 1993, after more than 20 years of hard struggle, has now developed into 16 subsidiaries, a total of more than 4600 employees, with a total assets of nearly $2 billion 400 million, an annual output value of 640 million 400 thousand U. s.dollars. Involved in real estate, business, hotels, education, medical, decoration, sports, tourism, property management and other industries, large, multinational, industrial enterprises.
In the group's development process, Xingyao group has gradually formed a city complex real estate development as a leader, a comprehensive city operation oriented "one wing" of the core competitiveness of enterprises, has a professional, efficient and flexible to cope with the changing market ability of the management team, city operation focused on building boom the quality of life, and create a harmonious and livable model in human environment. Exploration and practice of more than twenty years, has achieved a successful transformation of industrial operations from single to multiple City real estate developers, with the project operation, planning, product design and integration of industry comprehensive operation ability.
Over the past twenty years, star Yiu group has always adhered to the "government security, public satisfaction, enterprise development, employee growth" business philosophy, and constantly improve the quality and credibility. The basic decoration works in the successful completion of the Qingdao Pacific Club, Tsingtao building and Shenyang Times Square on, but also worked in Yunnan Kunming, Dali and Tianjin, the successful completion of the Star digital building, California Fengjing townhouse, Norway forest ecological areas, residential houses, beautiful tree orange tree front is the white-collar apartment beautiful Star City Dali, "and the square courtyard style villa and Kunming New Asia? Sports City, Tianjin Wuzhou song, star Yao River, Dali Jia Yi and other real estate development and construction projects.
"Thick enterprises virtue, integrity development, from society, contribute to society" is the star group's corporate responsibility, is the ideal character of star people. At present, Xingyao group has accumulated to social donations, donations of $11 million 400 thousand, public facilities invested nearly $160 million, with their own strength for the development of a harmonious society.
The company has won the "Asian real estate China region the most competitive top 50 brands", "Asia ten real estate brand", "green Asia Habitat Award", "Asia International Garden community model", "best Asian garden style office", "Asia's ten largest commercial street" and "the most China sense of social responsibility of enterprises", "national model workers", "national labor Award" and other international, national and provincial, municipal and district levels of government departments and 400 honor, has been fully recognized and affirmed by the society and the government.
In 2008, star group won the "2008 leading brand of comprehensive operation of China's real estate" with the brand value of 128 million 240 thousand US dollars, and has been among the top 100 brand enterprises in China's real estate industry for several years.
Today, Xingyao group with international vision, harmonious mind, Houde contained corporate responsibility and the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, go abroad, go international, star Yao Ze and Yu Yu, "in the new development path, played a new chapter!

Main Business

Real estate, Commerce, Hotel, Education, Health, Decoration,Sports, Tourism, Property management, etc.

Development History

  • 2015 03
    Burma star sky golf project officially started construction
  • 2014 10
    Vientiane, Laos's first urban complex "Vientiane days" project started
  • 2014 07
    With a registered capital of 50 million US dollars, the company has set up a "star Yao I-APEX Investment Co., Ltd." in Burma, and has developed the project of rebuilding the old city of Yangon and Yangon Jinshan project
  • 2014 04
    The establishment of the "Asia Burma Star Investment Limited", and "Burma United Asia development limited liability company" joint development "Kantaya center" project
  • 2014 03
    Relying on the Hongkong trading platform, the establishment of overseas investment company, "star Yiu International Group Limited.""
  • 2009 08
    Start super large international vacation and business manor project: Star glory Water Village
  • 2009
    Investment and development in central Kunming "Star Island Shopping Plaza?"
  • 2009 06
    Star world is on sale
  • 2009 03
    Changfeng project foundation laying
  • 2007 10
    Take the 6 billion 290 million (1 billion 7 million U. S. dollars) target of the Tianjin Jinnan Lake Jia Lake project, with a total land area of 2 million 730 thousand square meters (29 million 385 thousand and 500 square feet)
  • 2007 05
    In the new Asian Sports City, the Seventh National Paralympic Games were successfully held
  • 2006
    Successively set up business, sports, education, medical treatment and hotel and so on many subsidiary companies, entered the multi industry development stage
  • 2005 01
    Investment of 12 billion 200 million ($2 billion) of the new Asian sports city officially started construction
  • 2003 09
    Kunming Star Sports City Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 2002 2007
    Two projects, ecological forest residential area and the successful development of ecological residential area
  • 2000
    California Fengjing townhouse residential district is developed successfully, and won a number of awards
  • 1998 06
    Construction site of the 26 thousand square metre (280 thousand square foot) star Yiu tower
  • 1998 05
    Kunming Xing Yao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 1997 04
    Kunming star Yiu new technology decoration supporting the development of the company changed its name to Kunming star Yao Trading Company
  • 1993 12
    Yunnan star Yao (Hongkong) decorative design Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 1993 02
    Group predecessor Kunming star Yiu new technology decoration supporting the development of the company


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